In my current role as the marketing analyst responsible for a eCommerce director, my core responsibility is to assist the marketing managers & store owners to prepare the analytics for monthly sales, as well as a sales prediction model.

I also manage the campaign budget, prepare wrap-up reports, along with connect and oversee other marketing agencies brands are using.

All of this requires analytical thinking, attention to detail, and clear communication skills.

My current role has provided me solid execution experience in all the marketing aspects, including campaign planning, management, and analysis.

I am looking for a marketing manager role, where I can make a bigger impact as an individual contributor, as well as delve into strategic planning, and potentially grow into a people manager in a few years.

My greatest strength is that I am equally at ease when talking to executives, business users, and engineers.

I come from an engineering background, but I have a very strong understanding of the business. This well-rounded view allows me to connect with colleagues from disparate departments and points of view quickly and authentically.

I also have the ability to see the big, strategic picture, while not losing sight of the nuts and bolts. I can create and execute a strategy at a high level while also understanding the execution difficulties at an engineering level.

Over the course of my career, I have found that many leaders generally do one or the other, and my ability to do both has proven to be advantageous to my projects and teams.

By understanding the challenges from multiple angles, I’m able to connect dots and create solutions. This is evidenced by my track record of building and managing high performing accounts.

I think one thing that I can always improve on is patience, taking time to really see and understand other people’s perspectives — especially considering we are always rushing to meet tight deadlines.

I always want things to move quickly and precisely, which I’ve realized can make my partners a bit anxious.

As a digital marketing / eCommerce focused individual I’ve demonstrated my ability to execute and advise strategic marketing questions, by providing in-depth data analysis with various technical skills, such as Data Studio.

Part of my role has been to evaluate a $500K marketing budget and make recommendations. A recent marketing strategy that I proposed increased the cart value 23%.

I am also proactive in learning new skills. For example, knowing that effective communication is the key to making findings convincing, I have multiple certifications from Google, HubSpot, Microsoft, SEMrush, and Shopify. These credentials have been critical in successfully pitching and persuading senior management on changes to strategy.

Given the growth moment that your company is poised to have, I believe that my unique experience will be an asset to your team. I’m excited to expand my expertise within a new industry, and recommend key strategies and opportunities that will support and drive business.

How do you think I should approach the first 30 days in the role to best position myself for success in a new culture?

I enjoy my current role and am not actually actively pursuing a change. I am, however, very open to intellectually stimulating and challenging opportunities that will allow me to provide value.

I’m interested in a role where I am responsible to deliver and actively contribute towards company success. I am also seeking continued development and improvement, both personally and professionally.

Based on the job description and our discussions, this role does seem like a good match. I’ve long admired this company and am passionate about both the mission and the products. I believe that my record of success, unique experience, and background would make me an asset to the team.

I understand that you’re looking for a leader who can implement and scale your data analytics platform.

Over the course of my career, I have implemented data analytics platforms for 3 companies. Each had its own unique challenges and required me to learn, grow, and expand my skill set. I’m energized by new and complex challenges, and have the background, experience, and successful track record required to implement this system within your organization.

The space in which your company operates is also of personal interest to me and I would love to contribute to it and help the company grow. When I started at my current company, I had a team of 4 people which I scaled to 28 people. I led the team in designing and building a big data platform for this big global company. Ultimately, we expanded the user base from 100 to 1,200.

I’m looking forward to the next chapter and challenge, and believe I can bring real value to this organization.