One Thing Is For Certain

I despise boasting about myself


James Cashat

"Over the last 8 years we have worked directly with Reid. I was just getting by in the eCommerce marketing space before adding Reid to our team. He is now an integral part of our team at SHOC & critical to our success. His mastery as an SEO specialist has boosted our sales adding value to our bottom line over and over. He has taken our site visit numbers boosted them and more importantly turned them into conversions. Early on he was able to do a thorough performance review of our Shopify store and make recommendations to improve it’s customer experience. He has developed numerous marketing campaigns & assists us wherever possible. Reid is an innovative thinker & has extended himself way past just the normal eCommerce keyboard commando. I am truly grateful for having Reid as a teammate at SHOC."


Steve Russo

Reid is an amazingly talented Digital Marketing Manager. He has provided Luma Sleep with highly focused and hands-on marketing services for the past 2 years enabling me to grow and scale the company through our Shopify based store,

Reid possesses the full range of skills and knowledge needed to address all elements of an e-commerce based business. His exceptional work ethic and tireless "get things done" attitude have helped Luma Sleep become a vibrant brand. I cannot recommend Reid highly enough. Engaging Reid to work with me was one of the best business decisions I've made.


Malorie Young

It is a pleasure for me to recommend Reid. He provides a unique skill set that allows him to be an astute digital marketer paired with the technical knowledge to execute complex online projects. From personal observation, I know that he is hard-working, highly intelligent, talented, and has a great attitude. He’d never admit it because he’s humble, but Reid could do the work of a 10-person team from his living room.


Dave Walstad

I hired Reid for a contract position to help launch a bundle of e-commerce sites. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to web development and design. He amazed me in his initial interview when he showed me how to concur with the market with some very cool google ads tricks. I recommend Reid for anything he strives to do.


Jim Roemer

"As a well-known meteorologist and commodity investment adviser for 35 years, I finally decided to create a web site and start an online business. Reid was incredibly dedicated creating my entire site and helping me market my products. He is always available when needed to answer questions and has gone 'well' beyond his normal course of duty to, not only assist me with LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. but to educate me about how an online business should be run, etc. I highly recommend Reid for anyone wanting a top-notch designed web site and/or a truly great marketer."


Bill Baker

Was referred to Reid as I was told he knows how to do some amazing work with web design. I wish I would’ve known him before I wasted my money with various digital agencies. He is very up front and honest and will tell you what need and what is not necessary for my marketing plan and budget. Honesty, and prompt execution is something that is huge with me. Reid meets both of these standards.


Omar Oselimo

It is with great pleasure that I write this long overdue recommendation for Reid. Relationships are very important when you are working with an outside consultant. It is very important for you as a business owner to be able to be open and candid with the person you are working with, and that’s how I felt when Reid was working with us on our marketing. I did not feel I had to be a certain way or talk in a certain tone; whatever mood I was in I could call and let him know what I felt was working and what I felt was not working. Reid is a down-to-earth person who understands the importance of building relationships and taking care of the customer’s needs.


Kevin Ireland

Over the course of nearly three years during his tenure at the University of Florida, Reid worked a senior account executive for my five publications. He was very effective at developing relationships with advertising prospects and brought in a number of accounts who had never worked with the company before. Even more importantly, once he signed new accounts, he worked closely with the owners to successfully market their businesses. As he proved working for me and continues to prove every day, Reid is a talented businessman.


Sharyn Vross

I have known Reid for almost a year and can honestly say he is quite the Entrepreneur! Reid has a passion for success and it shows in everything he does. He puts forth 200% with gusto and has one of the true great minds for business. I would recommend Reid without hesitation. He is inventive and curious, quick and very driven. He will do well in anything he chooses.


Brittany Hasden

I've known Reid for 12 years and have witnessed the dedication he has committed to his career that has brought him to the point of success he is at now. He is a skilled leader and has a visionary mindset, which makes him an asset to any company. Reid is a winner, and anyone who has the opportunity to work alongside him should consider themselves fortunate!