Principal eCommerce Consultant

ON1 DIGITAL | NOV 2015 - Present

on1 digital

• Leading and providing organizational leadership to digital, content curation, site traffic, email campaign, and sales conversions to increase revenue.

• Increased 35% revenue month to month on 3rd party online marketplace – Amazon Seller Central, eBay, Facebook, and Walmart sales channels

• Manage and track eCommerce performance and adjust price, quality, and quantities to increase sales

• Plan and build branding strategy across all media channels

• Manage all Google, Bing PLA and social media campaigns - increased more than 13% conversion rate

• Improve user online shopping experience, create abandon cart flow, email campaign creative design which accrued +21% open rate

• Create customized analytical dashboards via Data Studio from Google for up-to-date live analytical reporting based on the clients' needs/requirements.

• Generate, create and support marketing promos, video, social media, content marketing and proofread all curated contents and reducing bounce rate as low as 8%

• Maintain and manage eCommerce best practices, aligned with merchandising strategies

• Provide a project strategy, milestones, timelines, and deliverables

• Consistently review, monitor, and react to program performance

• Perform A/B testing on various landing page designs to improve conversion rates.

• Provided operational leadership and strategic planning to manage entire digital marketing for clients, which include both B2C and B2B.

• Reviewed and coordinated system changes, transition management, and client education regarding improved technology.

• Leveraged skills in design and code optimization, content and copy optimization, and direct analytics and R&D processes.

• Demonstrated solid proficiency in keyword research and natural search opportunity identification techniques via SEMrush.

• Identified marketing account-abilities and ownership across the organization, and integrated scale-able marketing processes.

• Provided oversight and expertise in Google, Facebook, Bing, and Amazon ads PPC campaigns, and monitored new areas of Search Engine Algorithm changes that attribute to digital marketing.

• Coached, guided, and mentored junior and senior SEO specialists - helped develop new internal SEO tools.

• Additional scope of responsibilities includes growing omni-channel revenue, improving online marketing reporting, and management of digital agencies.

eCommerce Stores I've Helped Scaled 

Founder and Ceo

December 2011 – December 2106 | ON1 Cycle®

    • Developed in-depth business plan backboned from geographical analytic data ⇸ Founded the first dedicated Indoor Cycling studio in Sarasota County
    • Fortified day to day operations of the business; including staffing, training, teaching, scheduling, payroll, price points, marketing, accounting, and customer relations
    • Produce brand & content consistency across all deliverable marketing channels
    • Procured a registered trademark via USPTO for ON1 Cycle®, and licensed ON1 Cycle’s brand assets; as seen in Shapes Fitness For Women
    • Displayed sound abilities in Web Development, Google Analytics, Search Console, AMP Snippets, Google Ads, and related digital marketing automation tools
    • Ranked #1 in local organic search results for the search query; [spin class] & [indoor-cycling studio] ⇸ Outranking share facilities alike LA Fitness & YMCA
    • Streamlined brand awareness and increased revenue by implementing my first Shopify apparel store

      **During this venture, I gained the knowledge, experience, and skill set that molded me into a ‘Jack of all trades’, in the digital marketing field. I did not outsource one thing, strictly for budget reasons. I took it upon myself to do everything, from the technical to the janitorial. I may have spent more time on certain projects than I should have. However, what I didn't realize is that I was teaching myself skills in every department of any company. The reward for mastering these skills is that I was able to run a successful, profitable business, and find my digital zest.

Director of Marketing and Business Development

February 2007 - July 2011 | Three Points Hospitality Group

    • Fork lifted the core marketing strategy for projects and goals
    • Maintain organization of 4 property websites – updating site copy/imagery and specials
    • Reviewed and coordinated system changes, transition management, and staff education regarding improved technology
    • Provided vision, performed due diligence, and created a strategic road map to implement on-page, off-page optimization, & marketing automation plans
    • Managed a team of 20+ employees and interns; Guided the day to day activities of the marketing team


University of Florida

Bachelors of Science Degree

Hospitality and Business Management



15+ Years Experience