What Can I Offer You​?

I will work with you to improve your rankings, increase your organic traffic, and drive targeted leads to your business that will boost your pipeline and grow your revenue.


My Workflow

I have tools, systems, and processes I use that deliver impeccable results for my clients. This 3 step workflow monitors and addresses a variety of key areas, that align with Conversion Rate Optimization & SEO ranking strategies.

First, I start by diving into your current rankings, traffic analytics, and website architecture. I conduct an in-depth UX and SEO audit to find any snags that need to be addressed. I then conduct some topical research, map topics to existing pages, and uncover gaps.

Next, I put together a series of action items to implement. But I structure my processes in such a way that they remain flexible and can easily adapt when situations and priorities change. They’re more like a flexible framework rather than a plan set in stone.

Finally, I execute the action plan, which is always focused on growth, lead generation, and sales. I follow best practices and utilize a variety of tools, software, and resources to do the job. I review and adjust my plan, and provide you with ongoing reports to keep you informed.

How Do I Help You?

Custom Tailored Services

Every Client Is Different

Below is a quick look at some of the many SEO and consulting services I offer, I will custom-tailor my services to fit your unique situation, goals, needs, and budget.

SEO Audit

My SEO site audit provides an in-depth, multifaceted assessment of your website where I go through dozens of SEO factors, which are documented in an easy-to-follow, prioritized action plan. The audit takes a look at everything your site needs, that both your audience and search engines will love.

User Experience Audit

How users engage and interact with your website can influence your overall search engine rankings. I'll review UX factors such as your navigational structure, page speeds, and mobile responsiveness, and propose tweaks that can drastically improve your SEO and your conversion rates.

Multidimensional Analytics

I take a hard look at your traffic analytics, your current rankings, and how your users behave on your website. Interpreting this crucial data not only provides a baseline to measure against, but also offers key insights that might help to uncover snags, identify missed opportunities, and boost sales.

Topical Research

I go beyond just keywords. I dive into the topics and trends your target audience is actually interested in, asking questions about, and actively searching for. I also look at your competition, uncover any gaps, and provide you with an actionable plan for attracting highly targeted, potential traffic.

Content Strategy

Creating valuable content that users will love, engage with, and share is an important key in attracting qualified leads. But creating content alone is not enough. Understanding what your competitors are doing, timing your content delivery, and optimizing it for maximum performance are just as key.

Reporting and Training

My ongoing consulting and SEO services can show you best practices, and help to continually improve your site's visibility and usability. It also may provide a perceptive observation on any important search engine algorithm changes that might affect you, and how to adequately prepare for them.

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My Toolbox

I have tools, systems, and processes I use that deliver impeccable results for my clients. They monitor and address a variety of key areas, that align with SEO ranking factors that fall into 1 of these 3 categories.


My Services Are Ideal For

»Businesses with a new website, but who need to optimize it properly for growing long-term organic traffic.

»Companies with a well-performing website, but who need to outrank competitors, or grow their sales.

»Marketing teams who need outside help to dominate search results, find bottlenecks that are costing them sales.


Some Proof of Success

$100k a month Amazon based brand asked me to assist in driving traffic + sales to their home site, versus Amazon.

Compared To Previous MONTH

**July 2020 compared to June 2020.

Compared To Previous YEAR

**July 2020 compared to July 2019.

NOTE: On the charts above, the daily ad spend budget was IDENTICAL for the previous MONTH and the previous YEAR comparison. 


Compared To Previous Quarter
Average Order Value up 25%
Orders up 93%
Conversion Rate Up 24%
Quarter 1 - quarter 2

What Can You Expect?

Focus on topics, not keywords

**Snapshot of the last 7 days of a site I optimized, which went from 137 visitors a month to 1,128 and climbing, resulting in a 723% increase.

Effective, long-term SEO focuses on the user's search intent. That's why I put my effort into increasing the overall qualified organic traffic rather than chasing after individual vanity keyword metrics.

Today, search engines want to give users not only the best possible information but also the best possible experience when consuming that information. This is where UX and SEO start to interact.

That's why I analyze a variety of search factors and key performance areas using premium tools and resources, such as Google Analytics, Search Console, SEM Rush, Ahrefs, SpyFu, and many others.

I then map out an action plan, which falls into three phases.

  1. Identify topics and trends that your target market is interested in, particularly when researching solutions to their problems.
  2. Optimize your existing content based on that research, and create a content strategy to attract and educate prospects, as well as compelling copy that moves them to take action.
  3. Improve your conversion rates by optimizing landing pages, improving load speeds, fixing crawl errors, removing snags, adding eye gravity, and integrating lead capturing devices.